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Friday, March 10, 2017

Next steps for impeaching Trump

Impeach Donald Trump
Mike --
We recently emailed you about the latest development in the campaign to Impeach Donald Trump. In a unanimous vote, the City Council of Richmond, California, approved our resolution to become the first city to call on Congress to launch an impeachment investigation of President Trump.
This week, two more communities just approved our resolution.
On Tuesday night, the citizens of Alameda, California brought our resolution before their city council, which unanimously supported it. And that night in Charlotte, Vermont, Town Meeting members voted for our resolution. The momentum is growing, and we are counting on people like you to jumpstart this movement at the local level.
After we announced Richmond's win, many of you emailed us asking for ways to bring this resolution to your city and state. To get you started, we added a new page to our website with resources and materials to pass a model resolution in your community.
Here's a quick overview of what we posted to download and share:
We also shared materials provided by our allies working in Alameda, California. As this campaign continues to grow, we will add new tools for you to use in your own organizing. We are frequently updating our "News & Updates" section and our "Resources" page, so be sure to check back in. Please reach out to us with your progress and any questions you may have.
Here are some suggestions for next-steps you can take on your own:
  • Look up your representative, decide if it makes the most sense to reach out to your state or local officials. Remember, it's ok to start small.
  • Don't be shy! Connect in person with your friends, neighbors, co-workers, students, religious leaders, family members. Find a meeting place, and start talking. 
  • Follow-Up! Find a way to keep in touch with everyone. Gather email addresses and phone numbers. Create an online group with tools like Facebook,,, Google Groups, and Yahoo Groups. 
  • Keep us in the know! Email us your questions and updates via: 
You are so critical to this campaign! If we work together, we can build further pressure on our Representatives to introduce this resolution before Congress.
We're on our way! Let's keep it up!
All of us at Impeach Donald Trump Now

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